Monthly Archives: December 2016

Words of Wisdom

FatherSonGrowing up around my parents was a daily learning experience.  Just being exposed to how they lived their lives gave me a foundation that has served me my entire life.  Over the years, my father used to always give me little tidbits about life.  Some of these were sayings that I imagine all of us heard while growing up, but others were guidelines on how to manage your life.  Although my father never preached to me, his best form of communication was how he lived his life.  As my father used to say, “It’s one thing to talk about something, it’s quite another to do it”.

Let me share with you some of my favorite sayings that I heard growing up in my household.  And please, take a little time to not only read the information below, but try to really understand the message behind the sayings.  

  • A dollar can only be spent once, so spend it wisely.
  • Understand the difference between a want and a necessity.
  • There are no shortcuts in life.
  • Never put anything on a credit card that you can’t completely payoff when the bill comes due.
  • Know who you are and don’t try to define yourself by your possessions.
  • Wear your mink on the inside, which means don’t try to show off your wealth just to impress others. (One of my personal favorites)
  • What makes a vacation special is the time you spend with your family, not how much it costs.
  • Avoid impulse purchases. If you want something, wait two weeks before buying to ensure you’re not buying something on a whim.
  • When it comes to life or money, understand the future consequences of your actions.
  • Budget your expenses and plan for your future.
  • With the exception of a mortgage, avoid taking on debt.
  • Initially live off 80% of your after-tax income and ultimately get to 60% through managing your expenses and saving the majority of your salary increases.
  • Always save at least 75%, after tax, of any salary increase, bonus, or unexpected windfall.
  • Believe in the long-term process of saving and investing, not the short-term results.
  • A good saver will always beat a good investor
  • Educate your children about financial matters to ensure they become responsible and self-reliant individuals.
  • How you handle adversity, whether it’s personal or financial, will shape you as a person.
  • The good times won’t last forever, so always plan for a rainy day.
  • If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.
  • Life is short, so enjoy every bit of it.

Even though my father isn’t with me, his words will live with me forever.   Hopefully they will have a lasting impression on you as well.