About Ron

About Ron HawksRon Hawks is a personal finance author, advisor and speaker.  He has a bachelor’s degree in finance with an emphasis in personal financial planning & analysis as well as a master’s degree in business.

With over twenty-two years of work experience, seventeen as a senior manager, at companies like McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, and Citigroup, he has a comprehensive knowledge of finance.  Ron has also received the President’s Award twice in his career from two different companies for his outstanding achievements in the areas of cost management and improved profitability.

In addition to his work experience, Ron co-authored and published an investment newsletter entitled Investor Insight. This publication provided an overview of economic conditions, key financial data, and overall investment advice.

Here’s a little more background on Ron’s personal story. For those of you who know him, the introduction will make you laugh. For those who don’t, hopefully you’ll find the story inspirational.  Read More