Book Overview

Following the principles outlined in Climbing the Financial Mountain:  Wealth Building Retirement Strategies for Every Stage in Life, readers can immediately take control of their current and future financial situation.  All important aspects are covered, including:

  • Managing your current financial situation
  • Calculating your required savings for retirement
  • Finding the money to achieve your financial goals
  • Investing your money to maximize wealth and minimize risk
  • Understanding the psychology of investing
  • Addressing important decisions (personal and financial) before you retire
  • Converting your assets to a lifetime of retirement income

By clearly illuminating the numerous intricacies of the fiscal world, Hawks teaches how to maximize your wealth by making simple decisions in terms of how you save, invest, and spend your assets throughout your lifetime.  Whether you’re just starting out or nearing retirement, this book is an invaluable resource for readers of any age who want to build and preserve their wealth so they can stay on the path toward financial prosperity.

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