College Resources – If you’re looking for information on 529 Plans this is a great place to start.  This website provides details on every states 529 Plan, available financial aid, scholarships as well as calculators to help you estimate the cost of college. (select Education) – Ever wondered if you and your student are getting a good return on your investment (ROI) to attend a certain university?  How about the median starting salary you can expect as a graduate from a given college?  This website provides all this information and so much more on most of the major colleges in America. – The Department of Education has a new college scorecard that allows the user to search for schools by state, school size, degrees offered, campus setting, etc.  Once you select a college, there’s additional information about affordability, net cost (after grants and scholarships), graduation rates, employment opportunities, etc.  This tool offers a great way to narrow down your search of schools based on criteria that is important to you.