Finding Places to Retire – This online city comparison tool will give you side-by-side data on crime, demographics, income and jobs, ethnicity, climate, housing, etc. (select state taxes on the left-hand side) – Looking for a better understanding of the tax implications of one state versus another, go to? This site will give you income, property, and estate tax information that will be very helpful when comparing one state to another. – If you’re just looking for a tool that will give you a quick cost-of-living comparison of key expenses like housing, utilities, food, health care, and transportation, go to this website offered by CNN/Money. – Before you narrow your list down; make sure you understand what homes truly sell for in a particular area. This site—which allows you to enter specific information such as price, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc.—is a great way to do a comprehensive search very quickly.