Retirement Income – This site offers access to your social security benefits as well as calculators where you can estimate future benefits – Information on pension benefits protected by the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC). – In order to understand the tax consequences as well as the financial benefits of a Roth conversion, you need to perform some calculations.  My favorite is the one at Vanguard that asks some questions regarding your age, assets to be converted, current year taxable income, after-tax contributions, etc., and calculates the tax impact and the long-term financial results of the conversion.  It also allows you to enter what percentage you’d like to convert in the current tax year. – If you’re curious as to how much money you could get from a reverse mortgage, try this reverse mortgage calculator from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).  It’s very straightforward and will give you an estimate of how much cash you can get from your home though a lump-sum or monthly payments. – If you’re interested in obtaining a reverse mortgages, go to this website from HUD (Housing and Urban Development)  and you’ll get the name and phone number of a local HUD-approved nonprofit housing counseling agency that will walk you through the process and provide names of participating lenders for free. – This organization provides comprehensive information on all types of annuities, including structured settlements, to inform the user whether an annuity is right for them.  Additionally they have information for consumers with annuities and structured settlements to see if selling their payments fits their financial needs.