Retirement Planning Calculator (RPC)

This application is one of the most comprehensive retirement calculators available.  It allows the user to enter a multitude of data in order to accurately compute an annual savings requirement to cover net expenses in retirement over a user-defined life expectancy.

In addition, it also provides recommendations, which the user can override, for pre- and post-retirement investment returns and inflation rates.  And finally, once you’ve submitted all your data, the RPC generates an Annual Cash Flow schedule that shows your income and expenses as well as the drawing down of your assets over your lifetime.

Note:  If prompted when you open the file, please click on the Enable Editing, Macros or Content button before entering data

Download Retirement Planning Calculator (MS Excel Spreadsheet)

Retirement Planning Calculator – Tutorial

This tutorial provides a visual explanation on how to access, download and enter data into the Retirement Planning Calculator (RPC).